Newsletter of the Michigan Entomological Society

We now have almost all of the MES newsletters, going back to the early mimeographed half-sheets, and they will gradually be included in the files here. You may now elect to recieve a digital and/or a printed copy of the MES Newsletter with your paid membership, so please make sure that you indicate your preference when you fill out your membership form.

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Back issues of the MES Newsletter 1-25
Vol.1 No.1 Vol.1 No.2 Vol.1 No.3 &4  
Vol.2 No.1 Vol.2 No.2 Vol.2 No.3 Vol.2 No.4
Vol.3 No.1 Vol.3 No.2 Vol.3 No.3 Vol.3 No.4
Vol.4 No.1 Vol.4 No.2 Vol.4 No.3 Vol.4 No.4
Vol.5 No.1 Vol.5 No.2 Vol.5 No.3 Vol.5 No.4
Vol.6 No.1 Vol.6 No.2 Vol.6 No.3 Vol.6 No.4
Vol.7 No.1 Vol.7 No.2 Vol.7 No.3 Vol.7 No.4
Vol.8 No.1 Vol.8 No.2 Vol.8 No.3 Vol.8 No.4
Vol.9 No.1 Vol.9 No.2 Vol.9 No.3 & 4 Vol.9 No.4
Vol.10 No.1 Vol.10 No.2 Vol.10 No.3 Vol.10 No.4
Vol.11 No.1 Vol.11 No.2 Vol.11 No.3 Vol.11 No.4
Vol.12 No.1 Vol.12 No.2 Vol.12 No.3 Vol.12 No.4
Vol.13 No.1 Vol.13 No.2 Vol.13 No.3 Vol.13 No.4
Vol.14 No.1 Vol.14 No.2 Vol.14 No.3-4  
Vol.15 No.1 Vol.15 No.2 Vol.15 No.3-4  
Vol.16 No.1 Vol.16 No.2 Vol.16 No.3-4  
Vol.17 No.1 Vol.17 No.2-3 Vol.17 No.4  
Vol.18 No.1 Vol.18 No.2 Vol.18 No.3-4  
Vol.19 No.1 Vol.19 No.2-3 Vol.19 No.4  
Vol.20 No.1 Vol.20 No.2-3 Vol.20 No.4  
Vol.21 No.1 Vol.21 No.2-3 Vol.21 No.4  
Vol.22 No.1-2 Vol.22 No.3 Vol.22 No.4  
Vol.23 No.1 Vol.23 No.2 Vol.23 No.4  
Vol.24 No.1-2 Vol.24 No.3 Vol.24 No.4  
Vol.25 No.1 Vol.25 No.2-3 Vol.25 No.4  


Back issues of the MES Newsletter 26-60
Vol.26 No.1-2 Vol.26 No.3 Vol.27 No.1-2 Vol.27 No.3-4
Vol.28 No.1 Vol.28 No2-3 Vol.28 No.4  
Vol.29 No.1 Vol.29 No.2 Vol.29 No.3-4  
Vol.30 No.1 Vol.30 No.2 Vol.30 No.3-4  
Vol.31 No. 1 Vol.31 No.2-3

Vol.31 No. 4

Vol.32 No.1 Vol.32 No. 2 Vol.32 No.3-4  
Vol.33 No.1 Vol.33 No. 2 Vol.33 No.3-4  
Vol.35 No.1-2 Vol.35 No.3 Vol.35 No.4  
Vol.36 No.1 Vol.36 No.2-3 Vol.36 No.4  
Vol.37 No.1 Vol.37 No.2-3 Vol.37 No.4  
Vol.38 No.1 Vol.38 No.2-3 Vol.38 No.4  
Vol.39 No.1 Vol. 39 No. 2-3 Vol.39 No.4  
Vol.40 No.1 Vol.40 No.2-3 Vol.40 No.4  
Vol 41 No.1 Vol.41 No.2-3 Vol.41 No.4  
Vol.42 No. 1-2 Vol. 42 No. 3-4 Vol.43 No.1 Vol.43 No.2-3
Vol.43 No.4 Vol.44 No.1 Vol.44 No.2 Vol.44 No.3-4
Vol.45 No.1 Vol.45 No.2 Vol.45 No.3-4 Vol.46 No.1-2
Vol.46 No.3 Vol.46 No.4 Vol.47 No.1-2 Vol.47 No.3-4
Vol. 48 No. 1-2 Vol. 48 No. 3-4 Vol 49 No. 1-2 Vol. 49. no. 3-4
Vol. 50 no. 1-2 Vol. 50 No. 3-4 Vol. 51 No. 3-4 Vol. 52 No. 1-2
Vol. 52 No. 3-4 Vol. 53 No. 1-2 Vol. 53 No. 3-4 Vol. 54 No. 1-2
Vol. 54 No. 3-4 Vol. 55 No. 1-2

Vol. 55 No. 3-4

Vol. 56 No. 1-2
Vol. 56 No. 3-4 Vol. 57 No. 1-2 Vol. 57 No. 3-4 Vol. 58 No. 1-2
Vol. 58 No 3-4 Vol. 59 No. 1-2 Vol. 59 No. 3-4 Vol. 60 No. 1-2 May 2015
Vol. 60 No. 3-4 Vol. 61 No. 1-2 Vol. 61 No. 3-4  

Last updated 01/27/2017.

MORE TO COME AS LIST IS UPDATED. If there is no link, then the issue has yet to be uploaded as a pdf.